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Things to think about… #2

February 23, 2009

Social Media and YOU!

In keeping with the idea of being better on all levels, I will propose a question I read about in the article:  Does Social Media Make Us Better People?

picture-1The fact that you are reading this implies that you can use a computer, and that you are familiar with “surfing the web.” As a result one can assume that you are possibly registered with a social networking site, or use the internet to keep in-touch, or communicate with people via something other than e-mail… or, that you post information about things you find interesting or important online.

What do you think?

“…is there a case to be made that social media – the fact that everyone is now a publisher and a distributor of content – might improve our behavior, both in public and private? Or is that wishful thinking?”

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  1. February 26, 2009 4:13 am

    Hey, Samantha … it’s good to see you here. I like what you’re doing with this blog. The “be better” focus is somewhat like Merlin Mann’s mantras on spaces like

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